The updated 2024 GCR’s are available HERE.
Please note that MCI have made the decision to impose different age limits for classes compared to the ones in the GCR’s. These are as follows and are applicable to all Masters events. Riders who do not meet the MCI criteria will not be allowed to race in a class they are not elegible for, irrespective of being able to race in that class at other events.
Moto1 – 13 years
Moto3 Standard and Junior Supersport – 14 years
Moto3 – 15 years
Production Twin and Moto400 – 16 Years
Supersport, Supertwin and Pre-Injection 600 – 17 Years
Superbike, Pre-Injection 1000 and Classic Superbike – 18 Years
Sidecar Passenger – 18 Years
Sidecar Driver – 18 Years


Masters events are run in accordance with the MCUI sporting and technical regulations for all classes as covered by the MCUI STANDING REGULATIONS.

Masters events also run in accordance with the Masters Championship regulations and the event regulations for each event.

The 2024 Championship Sporting Regulations are now available HERE.

Event regulations for Rounds 4 – 6 on May 18th & 19th are available HERE.