Championship registration is required for all riders in all classes, including for riders who have registered in previous years.

For previous registrants, the information gathered is used to update your information in our on-line entry system database and our communications database.

The information gathered by our registration system is extremely important for the championship as we use it to plan our events and classes based on the likely numbers of competitors and the classes in which they will be racing.

Only riders who have registered for the championship will receive an allocation of two free admission tickets when they enter an event.

If a class is oversubscribed registered competitors will be given preference.

A separate on-line entry system login and password will also be required before competitors can enter a Masters event and this can be set up HERE.

Thank you for registering, you have been added to our 2024 competitor database. Don’t forget to also set up your entry system login if you don’t already have one.

We’ll be in touch with you over the course of the season with event information and updates.